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Project Management

Question One: Project Cycle Project Cycle is a well-organized number of activities that are crucial in the fulfillment of project objectives or goals.  A project cycle has seven major phases. For a project to be effective, it should go through the seven stages although not in a given order. These stages include; identification, preparation, appraisal,… Read More »

Family Business

Family business startups are beneficial though they may present lots challenges when the owners do not assess the opportunities available for its growth. Starting up a small family business requires a lot of resources regarding human resources of capital, time and energy. The paper examines the Dell family startup, the opportunities that were available, mistakes… Read More »

Business Opportunity in South Korea

While undertaking business operations in a different country, it is imperative to understand the business environment of the country, the legal, cultural and ethical practices, trade policies and exchange rates within the foreign state. Moreover, it is essential to consider the market for the product and how the market may vary. In this regard, this… Read More »