Nerds and Geeks as the Target Audience: What Products and Services Do They Need?

By | 15/05/2019

Nerds and geeks are a market that few have been able to engage however efficiently. The reason for this is that they’re so incredibly amorphous and different that one has to be superhuman in order to know what exactly each of them needs.


We’ll suppose that you’re reading this because you know that you could turn your business around by tackling geeks, but you just don’t know what they want. Well, perhaps this brief article here will give you the helping hand that you seek. Sure it’s not everything you should know about e-business, you can read this e commerce essay for more information.


Stuff Nerds and Geeks Like


  1. Movie Memorabilia


Movies like “Lord of The Rings”, “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars” – forget about it, some nerds would be willing to pay their weight in gold for memorabilia like action figures, unique posters, stickers, bags, etc.


The movie industry, believe it or not, is driven by zealots and overly passionate people. If you manage to quench their thirst, you might just become their favorite business in the world.


  1. Video Games


Can you purchase the latest video games at a lower price than they sell for normally? If yes, you can easily generate an insane amount of revenue by selling them for a profit. Video games become more and more lifelike and they satisfy one of our most primal urges: to live more than one life.


Do not underestimate the dudes who’d rather stay indoors and play video games than go out. They are an untapped source of profit.


  1. Comic Books


For some people, comic books are just drawings for kids or adults that have yet to grow up. For some other ones, though, they are everything. I was in the position of buying Preacher or suffering hunger for two weeks and I chose to have Preacher.


Many people collect this stuff and are looking every day for that issue that they don’t have. There are many rare comics that collectors would kill for. Think about this when you feel like your business isn’t as successful as you anticipated.


  1. Books


The word “bookworm” is basically the definition of a book-geek. It goes without saying that those dealing with rare books are extremely successful. Sure thing, it is a costly business, but it’s worth it.


Now, the books don’t even need to be that rare, you just need a huge variety of them in order to satisfy all possible tastes. Many say that the e-book is slowly destroying the need for the printed book, but if you take a look at Kindle’s fate, you’ll see how severe of an exaggeration that is.


Printed books will never be surpassed by e-books, so you can rest assured that you can still make money out of dealing books, old, rare or otherwise.


  1. New Technology


There are people that have no issue with trampling over another person to get to the first iPhone. The same thing goes for computers and all the other technological trinkets that obsess us. If you’re in the position in which you can dabble in technology or even become a reseller for a huge technology company, do so by any means, it’s a business where you can’t go wrong.




Superfans are the thing that most businesses are unwilling to cater to, simply because there’s too many of them and they have a hundred different tastes and styles. However, you don’t need to cater to all geeks.


All you have to do is to pick a niche and study it thoroughly in order to pinpoint the necessities of the people that form it. Everything will fall right into place from there on.